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Deep in the bunker lies one of the first older Smith & Wesson wheelguns I bought.
It's a 1960-shipped M-48, .22 rimfire magnum.
I found the gun at a dealer's in Texas, near the Mexican border (Hope you're not lurking, Ms. Napolitano) :lol:
I'd never seen a brilliant, high-polish blue-black S&W in person, and I was smitten immediately.
Here's where it got nutty:
The grips looked too big.
They were N-frame, non-relieved targets.
The seller did tell me the owner had huge hands, and needed the big grips.
My first post on the S&WCA website was to ask for a trade with someone who wanted to get rid of some K-frame diamond relieved targets, as I planned to shoot the gun.
Out of the blue came a nice gentleman who really needed those non-relieved N's, and we traded.
By now you can figure that he did pretty well! :D
After several years of use, I switched to the magnas (like what the gun shipped with), and actually used it to qualify for the CCW test.
Anyway, it now wears an honest-to-God, blued trigger shoe from 1960,
for target work, and it's still a wonderfully-accurate bullseye gun.
Probably would dispatch varmints pretty well, too...
I like the stories almost as well as the guns.
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