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The "Phoenix"...out of the ashes!

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I have friends who name all their possessions. Their cars are named, their tools, even their mowers and snow blower. I'm not normally a "thing namer", but I think I've made an exception in the case of this little .22.

Not an original Kit Gun, it began its life as a .22/32 Target. In 1948, it was returned to the Factory and had a no kidding 4" pre-war Kit Gun barrel installed, which the Folks at S&W fitted and numbered to the gun. (all the foregoing is supposition, based upon date stamps and serial number evidence, but I think it's accurate).

Too bad they didn't refinish it at the same time. Maybe they did!

A member of another forum advertised it for sale--it looked so forlorn that I simply had to give it a home.

Now what to do? It was the homeliest gun in my collection! Not a speck of finish remained, except on the barrel.

Since it wasn't original anyway, I figured I'd make a presentable "shooter" out of it.

I haven't had the best luck with refinishers--'nuff said. I decided that the old popper ought to go back home to Springfield for a face lift.

Well, here is the result--some before and after pictures to lend some perspective to the project. Not a perfect job, but very nice and for the cost, I'm happy with it.

Upon its return, I hied it over to Doug Turnbull's for re-case coloring of the hammer and trigger.

Ecce "Phoenix" !

:D I think it looks pretty classy! :D

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That looks great! Did you put different grips on or had the originals refinished?
Different grips--I'd like to find another set, too.

I love to see the old "battered and abused" or in this case just well used , S&W's brought back to life.
and this ones just a dandy...kudos to you Sir..
Very nice!
And, your description is right on.. Classy!
It may not be a perfect blue job, but I"d say it's superb!!

Is it possible that I see that little revolver grinning with pride? You certainly turned a sow's ear into a silk purse with that one - it's absolutely beautiful!
It had always been said that a "re-blued" gun is not worth anything close to what the gun would be worth if left original. While that may be true of certain 100+ year old collectibles, I feel a gun like yours has gone up in value with the work you had done. Artists like Doug Turnbull are nothing at all like the butchers who would buff and re-blue a gun in the past.

Good for you! I think your Smith & Wesson looks wonderful!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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