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by Cameron the Weim | Jun 7, 2022 | BIRD HUNTING, GUNDOGS, HUNTING
The Perfect Fetch-Point

Hunting and birds are the things that make life enjoyable. I’ll make it easier on Mike, har har!
Once while on a dove hunt, Mike made two quick shots with his over-under shotgun and two doves fell from the sky. Any historians reading here, this needs to be included in a history book or a believe-it-or-not display. Mike dropped two birds!

Anyway, before the smoke from the shotgun barrel whiffed away I was running for the doves, and brought one back to Mike. In an instant I headed back for bird two, found it in some briars and went on point. Mike was struggling here with my point. OK, the second bird was down but alive, so I morphed into my quail hunting mode and pointed the live bird. Guess Mike was not amused but he did come over, found the bird and dispatched it.

Since then I have brought back very live pheasants, grouse and waterfowl. Just trying to save Mike the trouble and expended energy of coming over to where the bird fell. Guess it’s also time to ask for a pay raise since I do extra work, har har!

Anyway, hunting and birds are the things that make life enjoyable. Hope you are making plans for the fall and are scouting for new — hunting sites. If you are, great — buy yourself a new shotgun. You deserve it. Mike, however, needs to learn to use the shotguns he has. This is a never-ending problem.

If you are not already working on fall hunting plans and trying to improve your shooting skills and dog handling techniques, shame on you. Maybe you need to have a yard sale and downsize that pile of shotshells and your rusting-away shotguns. Let me know when and where that sale takes place, I will stop by, har har! I’m always on the hunt for another good shotgun. Point me to the shotshells also, har har! —Cameron
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