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by Ron Schara | Sep 4, 2020 | BIG GAME, HUNTING
The Legend of Trapper Jim

At Elkhorn Outfitters,
there’s a hunting guide,
With a full face beard,
And a horse to ride.

He isn’t short,
And he isn’t slim.
But today he’s known
As Trapper Jim.

It happened one night
In a hunting shack
High in the mountains,
A range known as Black.

We were tired and worn
With no elk hunting tale,
So Jim cooked dinner
And poured water in a pail.

What’s that, I said, to my Elkhorn guide,
All the horses been watered,
We’re done with our ride.
But there’s mice in our cabin,
He answered with a grin….

So began the legend of Trapper Jim.

Twas an ol water bucket
not filled to the brim,
With a beer can on an axle
So the danged thing would spin.

A stick made a trail for the mice to climb.
Jim said they’d follow each other
And die every time.

Good food’s hard to find for
the white-footed mouse,
So they smelled the cheese
and rushed to our house.

Yet, nobody had a clue about
what was to begin.
Twas a mouse catchin’
record by my guide,
Trapper Jim.

First, one mouse, than two
And soon there were four.
Five, six and seven,
Who’d a thunk there’d be more?

But the trap kept on trapping,
Oh my what a scene.
When we woke the next morning,
Trapper Jim had thirteen.

When my elk hunt was over,
Only Jim had a story.
He’d set a mouse trapping record,
And got all the glory.

So, that’s the end of my tale
Of huntin’ and such,
Of following Jim
And not shooting much.

But, he’s a mighty fine fella,
Not short and not slim.
If it’s trophy mice you’re seekin’,
Your best guide is Trapper Jim.
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