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For the past six months I have been making and selling my own original design speed strip pouches. They are made from a combo of kydex and leather, the materials blend perfectly together. The leather is sealed both inside and out.

So far I have sold just under 60 pouches to men and women in 17 different states nationwide. My reviews have been great and I even have the endorsement of the famously coined "So called expert" Paul Harrell (Check out his video: Double Action Revolvers Part 2a), the tan pouch he shows off is one of my pouches.

I now make them in 3 different calibers. 38 spec/357 mag, 44 spec/mag, and 45 LC/454 casull. What spurred the designing, was my own personal need for a speed strip pouch. I found that through trying to shop for one, most pouches being sold were overpriced, were too obvious in public for EDC or just plain too ugly. So I took it upon myself to design something better. And here we are today.

Check out my work, and maybe look me up on Etsy.

any color for 25$ + S&H

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Handgun holster Brown Shoulder Tan Leather
Brown Belt Buckle Bag Jeans
Ammunition Bullet Gun accessory
Leather Coin purse Wallet Hand Fashion accessory
Leather Hand Coin purse Fashion accessory Wallet
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