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by Pauline Frances Camp | Sep 22, 2020 | BIRD HUNTING, HUNTING
The Fall

Camp’s poem, “The Fall” was originally published in the October, 1897 issue of Outing.
Now soon will come the summer’s angry strife

With winter foes; and many a gloomy day.

The sky, the battle-ground, where blue and gray

Their struggle long since dead, stirs with new life.

Already sounds the brown quail’s whistling fife,

And whirring drum of partridge by the way!

Already is October’s torch asway;

His blazing camp-fires everywhere are rife;

And crimson leaves, like fiery sparks, fall fast,

Blown by the wild wind’s swift and hurrying rush!

Fiercely they wrestle, in contention brave,

Till in the midst of some stupendous blast,

A silver silence trembles, stilling war,

And soft, a snowy flag of truce doth wave!

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