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Fellas.... just a quick Kudos and a Tip of the Hat to our pal and fellow forumite Jessie "Bulletman" Clark of Tennessee Valley Bullets.

Before I left for vacation last week I had ordered 1200 slugs from Jessie. He delivered via US Mails, Priority yesterday. 11 day turn around. This in of itself would not be unexpected from any quality bullet maker, except for the fact that THESE SLUGS WERE SPECIAL ORDER AND OF SPECIFIC DIAMETER.... . In other words, they were not off-the-shelf stock.

The bullets were well packaged, clearly identified, precision cast, nicely lubed and of correct diameter and type. I can't say enough good about Jessie and his slugs.

I would recommend anyone contemplating a bullet buy should look at TVB's wares.... Patronizing a fellow forum member is always good..... I know Jessie will get my next order.

Thanks Amigo! You're now at the top of my list!

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