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leejack said:
1. What prevents accidental discharge if the gun is dropped? The striker safety plunger. This will not allow the striker to move forward until the trigger is pulled.

2. Describe what happens internally when the trigger is pulled? Striker is pulled to the rear, striker safety plunger is actuated, trigger bar cams down. When trigger bar cams down enough to let the striker move forward, BANG. ;)

3. How do the internal workings of the gun make it safe to carry? You have to pull the trigger in order for the striker to move forward enough to fire a round. You can drop it from a high rise onto it's muzzle and it is not going to go off. The safety plunger will simply not allow the striker to move forward while it is "at rest".

For those in the know, thanks in advance!

all the best,

Answers in bold. Hope this helps.
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