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Taurus PT 1911 flash rust UPDATE 3/5

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A friend brought to me his recently purchased PT 1911. Being his first-ever gun purchase, he had that wonderful newbie glow about him while unpacking it from the factory case.

Opening it, his pride and joy turned to a sick disbelief when observing the entire frame was covered with something resembling a brownish camo-finish.

I picked it up, and realized flash rust was present on about 70% of the slide and frame. He was crestfallen. And apparently he only had possession for 'a few months', firing it only 2 shots. He bought it under the belief it was new.

Took it to my own gunsmith, who inspected it thoroughly. It needs is a complete cleaning, and attention to pitting in frame and slide areas.

While a handsome enough design, I am amazed at the extent of rust and pitting in such a short time. I believe this was shot a few times and put away. The internal gunk suggests way more than '2' shots. There was flash rust on the internal magazine well, yet the magazines remain without affliction.

It will require cleaning, buffing, sandblasting and a reblue job to render usable.

Comments/discussion? Unusual circumstance? Old refrain of "Don't leave it in the car trunk for a month and expect it to look new"? etc?

So we've now been thru the 'disassemble, clean, buff the pits down, sandblast, reblue' phase....onward to test firing!!!
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Re: Taurus PT 1911 flash rust

M657 I see you are from Oregon like me. It sounds to me like the gun was put away wet. :(
got the PT back together, took to range for shakedown....

Bad news: it doesn't like lead TC 200s or JHP 200s.

Good news: it DOES like RN 230 both lead and jacketed. In the 2nd mag, after adjusting the rear sight a bit....dumped a magazine full inside 3" at 15'... get some RN loaded up....and give it a longer walk....
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