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Swedish Tranglia or Svea Cookstove sets....

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Nice little item to have for back-up when your hunting or camping. Yeah, I've heard the great debate about aluminum cookwear and Alzeimer's. Not to worried about that one :roll: This isn't for everyday cooking...

Anyrate, this is a great rig for a git-kit too! You can load the free space inside with a cup, cutlery, salt/pepper and other condiments. Fuel is cheap and easily attained. IsoPropyl Alcohol for car gas deicer works fine. And the container will fit in the kit along with a lighter.

Most of the ones I have seen for sale sell for about 15 bucks. Hey, in even a power failure ~ you can make hot water for tea or coffee ;)

I've had this one for about 3 years, and it has served me well. The alcohol isn't fast, but a small amount goes a long ways.

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Re: Swedish Tranlia or Svea Cookstove sets....

Holy Cr------
I was given one of those sets about two months ago, with no box/papers/cleaning tools :mrgreen:
and was not sure what to fire it up with. Thanks Giz!

As far as the Alzeimers goes, was reading an article that supported the theory that keeping your mind working {both halves} was the best precaution. The study involved musicians that continued playing well into their 90s with no sign of the ailment.
Re: Swedish Tranlia or Svea Cookstove sets....


First time you light it off, do it where it is dark. You can then see the light blue flames and get an understanding how it works. Slow steady heat. You cannot see it in bright sunlight ;)

The windscreen system is self explanatory and you'll soon learn to figure how much alcohol is enough to burn long enough for what you need.

As to the whole aluminum topic...I was raised with the pots and pans, my grandparents and parents owned restaurants that used aluminum exclusively. When first married we cooked with it.

So far I'm OK...well except for the twitchy eye thing...and the left leg 3 inches shorter then the other, oh and the patches of hair falling off....

But hey, What Me Worry? :mrgreen:

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Screw the Alcohol Stoves.... that stuff is supposed t o be drunk not burned..... :shock:

What you need is an Optimus 8R.... runs on unleaded (white) gas.... saves the alcohol for what God intended you to do with it.....

Yeah, you've been eatin' off aluminum too long. I can't imagine anyone in their right mind burning good drinking alcohol. What you need is a cast iron skillet or griddle and flint & steel.

So, where'd you latch on to that thing? You're right, it might come in handy in a pinch.

Army Navy stores carry them. And a few years back when I was still on Ebay they had quite a few listed...

They are handy in that they keep everything well organized in a lightweight container that doubles as two cooking pots and windscreen.
I like using mine when I'm out all day in the woods. Nothing like hot food and drink...

Hey Giz, That's not Altheimer's disease........that's old age creeping up on you!!!!! nbhaof I turn 60 on Monday, appropiately in Mass., they call it Patriot's Day. Kinda neat, Huh01 ???? So I'm a retired, half blind, gimpy, old fart, losing my hair.....and teeth, needing glasses to see anything up close, who has a bad left shoulder, a not too good right arm and hand, the right leg ain't much better, with high Cholesterol, high blood pressure. It ain't pretty .....gettin' old!!!! l;nfPNFIw nvonjvila klnflaianl Bob nfiofnp
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