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Struck out again.

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I will never have a Terrier. Been outbid on the latest effort and getting tired of trying. Either sellers want too much or other buyers are willing to bid too much. Willing to spend $300 for a shooter grade example but apparently that's not enough to buy one.

I just don't think a Terrier with a big patch of corrosion on the frame is worth $335 plus $50 shipping but someone else did. Oh well...
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Don't give up yet'll probobly run up on one when ya least expect it. I tell ya, I've bought a few guns over the internet, and you've really gotta pay attention and buy em right cause they can rack up a lot of extra dough. You've gotta pay for the gun, then pay for the shipping, then pay the dealers transfer fee...sometimes on both sides. You really need a heck of a deal on one by the time you add in everything else. Good luck in your search.

If'n I run accross one I'll pick it up for ya!!! :mrgreen:

Su Amigo,
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