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Stepdaughter's Model 66

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A 66-3 actually. Just after this morning's Easter Egg hunt, I slipped off and took these. It's a sweet shooter, just like her mom's. Thought you guys might like to see it!

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Very nice!
Sounds like you married into a cool family! :lol:
Beautiful 66! It dosen't get any better than that, in a snubby. Regards 18DAI.
Great looking Mod.66! I love those 2 1/2" .357 K frames!
One of the, if not the most desirable Smiths ever produced. I've had the exact gun for 25 years, tried several different stocks including a lovely set of Smith finger-groove GA's but somehow I always end up going back to the stockers as shown. Just seems like this gun was ideal right out of the box. Phenomenal accuracy out of a 2.5" . If anybody doesn't already have one, it is definitely a model worth adding to the collection.
Those are sweet K frames, congrats on the guns and the girls! I have a -2 and it's a keeper.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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