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by Cameron the Weim | Jan 11, 2022 | BIRD HUNTING, GUNDOGS, HUNTING
State Dogs – Candid Cameron

There are state dogs! I am launching my campaign!
Well, during some recent research, alias computer surfing online, I stopped ordering dog treats and suddenly discovered some dog breeds have been appointed to the high position off official state dog in several states. Several of those official breeds are widely recognized hunting dogs. Guess it’s time I run for public office or receive my official title. I’ll be printing election campaign posters soon, LOL. I’ve appointed Mike as my campaign manager, so mail all donations to him. Please put my name on the check — I don’t trust him, har har! Whew, I’m already acting like a politician!

In the official state dog groups are Maryland with the Chesapeake Bay Retriever, an honor this breed has held there since 1964. Down the East Coast, North Carolina selected the Plott hound, a definite hunting breed, as its official state dog breed in 1984. Next door, South Carolina appointed the Boykin spaniel, also known as the swamp poodle, as its official state dog. The American foxhound rules as the official breed in Virginia and the American water spaniel gets a tip of the hat in Wisconsin as the top dog.

Delaware recognizes the golden retriever as its official dog breed and the Bluetick coonhound holds this honor in Tennessee. Folks in the Volunteer state are still howling about this appointment LOL. As a popular breed, the Labrador retriever was proposed (but not voted in yet) as the state dog in Maine and Ohio. Beagles are also on the consideration list in some states but not noted yet with an official title. Several other dog breeds have top recognition in other states including the Great Dane that was listed as a hunting breed by some. More research is needed here, har har!

Well, it’s about time dogs were elected or appointed to official state jobs. Guess some of them are getting drivers, a salary, retirement, benefits and pay raises. Oh, that’s Congress, so maybe that is where I need to be elected.

I did discover some states have official state cats and reptiles. Proof some elected officials truly waste tax dollars and don’t earn their salary. —Cameron
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