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Squirrel Skinning Video

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Those squirrels are huge compared to the ones where I grew up. I havent seen any here in southern nevada.The ones back home are about the size of a chipmunk and I doubt if you could get one full bite of meat off one if you boiled it down.hehehe But they are mean little buggers. You will be creeping along tracking totaly quiet except for a breeze and a few trees sqeaking etc.
Then all the sudden you will hear chit chit chit chit chit like a early warning system.Agravating little buggers.Or you stop and take a break and sit down and lean up against a tree and your likely to get a green cone dropped on your head. Lots of fur trees where I come from and the cones are like the steel ones you see on cookoo clocks.
That is the slickest way of skinning something I ever seen though. I wonder how it would work with a larger critter. My dad was telling me one time some of my relatives in virginia skin deer buy making some cuts and tying the hide to a pickup truck and snatching it off. I never seen it done but would be interesting.
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That is real interesting about those squirells.I was gonna ask if they were mean like the little midgit ones I have been around.I bet if you grabbed one that was healthy he would tear you up. Be like getting ahold of a bobcat I would think.From that story about your grandpa if I ever find myself hunting any of those big squirells in my meanderings. I will definately keep that story in mind and make sure its dead before I grab it.
With every body in here from all over the usa there are some interesting stories in here about hunting stuff I have never had the chance to hunt.When I retire I would like to go and hunt some of the critters I have always wanted to hunt like squirells and hogs and turkeys.I have heard some realy hair raising tales about hog hunting from friends and aquaintances over the years. I worked with a guy from Texas a while back out at the nevada test site that says the hogs in the area he came from will track and eat you.I dont know if he was pulling my legg but I know they will eat any thing and I tend to believe him.
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1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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