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Spyderco WTC

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Hey guys...I am new to the board, but posted a semi-complete intro prior to posting.

I took a Spyderco World Trade Center knife, NIB, with the wooden case etc, recently on a trade because I found it to be an interesting piece. Does anyone know anything about this knife to include a possible value?

Thanks in advance....

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Welcome to the forum. I have heard about these knives but I haven't seen any for sale or trade. I found out about them when I purchased my D'allara, a NYC cop that died in the attack. He was a Spyderco collector and the D'allara folders are a tribute to him. What I understand about the WTC knives is that they used steel from ground zero. I don't know what they went for brand new but can only imagine the price will go up the longer you hang on to it. The good thing about Spyderco is they put the mfg date on the box. I recently purchased a civilian in the box and it had a date of Feb 1997. I would hang on to it even if you want to sell it later. James
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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