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These are as noted above plus they are finger groove Cocobolo wood. I bought them new from Brownell's and put them on my 65. Took the gun out once with those grips on it to shoot (about 20 rds.) and decided my fat fingers were too big for the grooves. I would like to get $50 USPS money order shipped.. Not sure why the first pic is so dark 'cause they were all taken at the same time in the same place. After viewing the pics I noticed one little dot on the end of one of the groove peaks on the left grip (right side of last pic). They are in excellent condition. Thanks for looking.
Edit to add: First "I'll take them" followed by an email gets them. Also this is the only place I have them listed (for now).


Here's a picture of them on my 65-3

1 - 3 of 3 Posts