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Speed Beez tactical holster for my S&W TRR8..match made in heaven

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Wasn't sure if it would work with my monster Eotech 512 site..but it could not fit better.Did not have to modify nuffin. Made specifically for the TRR8. I can now wear it on the hip and draw.. 8 rounds of .357 on target, guaranteed. looks gawdy but in all honesty sure calms down the 357 and the whole rig is 3lbs. so about the weigh of an open site forged 6" N frame.Speed Beez 8 round .020" thick moons clips work well too. Metal, but thinner than most so you can load/unload with a simple hand tool they give you. 16 rounds in the pill box on reserve. Swell..:)
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Hey 500,

That is a good rig for the 8 Shooter!

Glad you found it...

Later, Mark
Nice rig. I had a PC TRR8 and had to return it to the PC to be fixed right out of the box. Sold it.
Got about 1K full power loads through mine..absolutely LOVE it. Even the trigger is sweet. I can keep all 8 rounds in a 6" pie pan at 100 feet,double action. Can't do that with any other handgun I own. 8 ready to launch..with 16 ready to reload, on moons. The .357 Magnum may be close to 100 years old..but it's still a kick ass round....;)

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