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South Fork Boise River

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You are all probably getting tired of me bragging on Idaho but I can't stop.....
The camas prairie named after the wildflower

The top of the river canyon.

Idaho's landscape formed by volcanic activity and erosion

The river running to high to fish yet.

Didn't catch a thing but had a great time! :D
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That is beauty. The American west is one part of the country that I have yet to visit. God willing, I'll be there one day to see and explore it a bit. Thank you for sharing.
It must be nice living in one of the last free states ;)
Beautiful photos... thanks for sharing! And all this time I thought you guys only had potato(E)s... :mrgreen:
Mighty pretty scenery, chutch...
Sure makes me wish I'd seen it in person!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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