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song dog thread

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Ok guys and gals, where were we? Where do we stand?
I was out last weekend on snowshoes, looking for a den which I thought I had an idea on, but there was no sign of activity near. So, I am still holding at 1. Last I knew, I think Bean was in the lead? 3-1-1? Giz, how about up your way? Sounds like you are going to be busy with Mom, but up to now whats been new in your woods? How much snow do you have on the ground? After today, I'd say here we must be at 2 1/2 feet.
I've seen deer moving during recent days, I think they are really hungry. I am hoping they are going to do okay this year. The ice storm should help them, in the amount of winter browse brought down to the forest floor.
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Zip here in Rainbow Valley. The coyotes must have internet service and seen the thread 'cause I've seen only one or two since the first of the year and they were having no part of it. Did see one crossing the road on my way to work the other day and I swear he had a laptop slung over his shoulder.
Haven't been out and about. Lots of snow in the woods and usually there are some logging operations I have permission to hunt. Guess it will be mid- February before I get to hunt again...with all that's going on.

Geoff, I haven't been out either. We had some personal stuff go down here and it has set me back a bit. There is a full moon coming up in early February though...
You know guys,

Jules, Jason, and I host a mean git-together....

How about a Spring time winter encampment? Little late in the year to start planning one, but late March might be fun. I seriously mean roughing it in the cold, but have a site that has enough wood put up to carry it off. This means a survivalist camp....Little bit of shootin' the bull, outside winter barbeque, sled dog run if Uncle Billy participates...,Snowshoes, RNS at the Summer Range, and a Song-Dog hunt might go a long ways to killing the Winter Blues....Lord knows I could use it....

What else is there to do at that time of year? Winter Red Neck Fest :D

Count me in!

The neighbor and good friend would love to see the beavers trapped at the bottom of the road to the Range....not sure of the season on trapping...but is that something you'd be interested in doing that time of year...

I know that I'd be interested in seeing that whole process...

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