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Gizamo said:

Now for a helpful hint: To make sure you get a quick ignition. Be it a Caplock or Flintlock, when you pour a charge of powder into the gun and while it is still being held vertically, tilt the barrel a bit so that the nipple is angled slightly down, and take your hand and lightly tap the breech end of the barrel. This settles the powder and helps move some into the vent....

All for now,


For faster ignition you should make sure there is no powder in the channel from the nipple to the main charge,
or no powder covering the touch hole on a flintlock(powder should be no higher then middle of, or even right below touch hole)
You need the spark from the caplock shooting straight to the main charge without burning through powder to get to the main charge.
In the flintlock you want the powder to flash in the pan and through the touch hole.
If the touch hole is blocked with powder it creates a fuse effect =woosh,,,,boom
Just my exp.

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