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azmick said:
onenut58 said:
Does that apply to these new fangled black powder rifles that a lot of states are making illegal to hunt with ?
Yes, the steps outlined apply to in-line rifles. While in-line muzzle loaders have a breach plug, making things a bit easier, I do all the above.
I was not aware some states were making them illegal. Seems odd because of the location of the cap is the only thing that has changed. But a 'pistol grip' on a black rifle makes that evil too
Azmic I am willing to bet that you will find it's the muzzle loading purists that are pushing for these laws. a lot of the gun community tends to be very Conservative. You should see the reactions I get from some members of the rifle range when I bring my evil black rifle to shoot.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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