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For sale is a Randall #7 in a AGM (Antique Gold Micarta). Some have express views that it is an Old Yeller from the 70's, but the sheath indicates AGM which was only offered 4 yrs 2004-2008. Mint condition. Old Yeller has been out of production longer, but AGM was produced for a much shorter time period. Both were dropped due to non availability of the material. There is more information on knifetalk forums, search for AGM or old yeller.

$650 shipped. 4th of JULY PRICE REDUCTION TO $575 SHIPPED S O L D

no 6 yr wait. 3 day inspection period, full purchase price money back, buyer pays shipping ins both ways.

Comments questions welcomed thru PM's. First I'll take it gets it.

thanks for looking

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