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I have sold a few lately. It's for no other reason than to get to a level of guns that I can shoot, enjoy, and maintain.

Anyway, I meet a nice guy today. We practiced social distancing. He drove a hatchback. He opened it so we took turns doing a little show and tell in the back of his SUV.

I look at his Victory Model that has competition sights on it. It's an early S&W 38. It had a letter from Roy. The stocks were not original as someone added them later. They were impressive non-relieved early smooth Targets with the small S&W emblem. I wish that gun could talk.

I invited him here. I hope he will post pictures. I almost asked him to let me make pictures. But, I'd known him for 10 minutes. ;)

I have never meet a S&W revolver person that wasn't a straight-up good soulmate.
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