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I'm not the swiftest person in the world, just found this place. I wondered where all the entertaining folks went to.
I usually don't have too much to contibute but it's good to find the posters that I like to read.


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Howdy friends, old and new.

Just heard about this forum 4 days ago. I thought I was already a member, but I guess there have been some changes. Then again, maybe not and I'm just slow. :D

Can't get enough about Smith & Wesson's.

I don't have a real focus on my collecting yet. I just buy the best available gun in the best condition I can find, whenever I bump into one.

My last two "unexpected" purchases were a Model 29-2, 4", Nickel which I really love, and just last week I found a Post War 1947 M*P, 5" Blue, in original Gold Embossed box. It seems unfired except for at the factory. It's beautiful too. I keep going back and forth. Do I want to shoot it or don't I.

I think the "I want to shoot it" is winning out. People have been telling me I will lose value if I shoot the gun. There isn't even a turn ring on it. You know what though, I paid less than $500 for it, and I want to feel that old hand fitted Smith Long Action double action trigger pull and the heck with "loss of value".

Hope to be here a lot.

1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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