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Snubbie carry 25-5..

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Not to let Doc44 have all the fun.... :p

My Jovino 25-5 45 Colt Effector cut to 3" and round butted that accepts N frame combats!!

and my girl Damia.
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Very nice!! How it shoot?
Hunter said:
Very nice!! How's it shoot?

Very nice. The 45 colt is as easy to shoot as a 44 spl. Mild recoil and hits hard. Seems pretty accurate, all my .451 bullets stay in the cylinder so I don't think any of the chambers are over sized.

I'm proud of you-at least it is a S&W and not a Ruger! :mrgreen: :lol:
Really like that pistol. I have a 25-5 6 inch barrel that is really great!
That looks really good, congrats!

And, ummm, ruger?? What's that?

Poohgyrr said:
That looks really good, congrats!

And, ummm, ruger?? What's that?

Ya know I'm not sure?? I think Bill is a closet Ruger fan and won't admit it. :ymdevil: ;)
That's a beauty N frame. I'd be proud to own it. B-)
I had my hands on a Jovino like yours one time. I was asked to inspect it for a purchase by a friend of a friend. My local FFL had it for sale. Beautiful gun.. I couldn't afford it at the time, and had to stand by and watch it go out of state. That's one of those that got away...

Congrats on yours! They're really nice..
NFRAME, that is a great looking snub, I like it.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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