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I'm with you Brother....

More snow on the way for this coming Monday....

Nope, don't miss it a bit. We saw snow on the Bradshaws {100 or so miles north from us} last weekend. That was plenty for me :mrgreen:
OH SKREW THAT (the snow blowing)!!! I'll put up with a month or two of 120 degree temps! ;)
I rode my motorcycle today.. 68 degrees this afternoon.
For me, 68 and a motorcycle ride are but a few months away.... like about 5.... :shock:

But, like the Old Mainers say... "If ya cain't take the wintahs, you don't deserve the summahs..."
When summertime comes around, you'll have the better of me by a long shot!
The (beautiful) snow photos remind me that we are free from the aggravation of year-round termite control, mold, and kudzu!
:lol: :lol: :lol:
Snow...that is a DIRTY four letter word.

I hope we don't get more like we had. Blow-zilla is broke and all we have left to use is our little snow blower that beats you to death.

I am over it, ready for warmer weather, flowers, warm breezes, sunshine....aaaahhhhhh
Send a little snow my way (just a little).

The last time we had any measurable snow in San Antonio was 1985! :(
And that was considered a fluke!

Fluke you say?

Yeah we got them too... :)

But unfortunately they don't fall from the sky onto my grill like the snow around here does....

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That reminds me of when I lived in Anchorage..
They said it was going to snow today, but I didn't believe it..

Look closely, guys.. You just don't see snow down here very often. I think this is the third time since I moved here in '92.

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carl418 said:
That reminds me of when I lived in Anchorage..
Grand Falls Nfld Canada
hendricks you win :)
normamag said:
hendricks you win :)
I recall snow like that when we lived near Watertown N.Y.
You guys can have it. I'll take the 120 summer days
Well, Guys.. that little 'flurry' ended up being over 4 inches. Lost power, and of course internet, at 4 pm yesterday. Lots of broken branches all over the place.

Just got internet back a few minutes ago. Power came back on sometime between midnight and 5:30am..

Now I remember why I moved South to begin with!
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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