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I just received my Smith & Wesson Parts Manual CD (SKU: PARTSCD, $10) from the S&W mail-order store.

I am disappointed to see that, while the data on the CD lists parts and current pricing for most (or all) of the current production S&W firearms, it has a column in the listing that gives a view that I assume refers to an exploded view illustration somewhere. - But there are no illustrations on the disc to refer to.

Here is a one line example of what I mean (I had to use dots to separate the columns to get the formatting):

Parts Listing for Model: M10

View.....Part No. .......Cost......Revision..Description
01........054540004....$6.97....O.............EXTRACTOR ROD 2" BBL NICKEL

So does anyone else here have this disc? Do you know what the source of the "View" is that they are referring to?

I have checked the Brownell's schematics thinking that the numbers on those might correlate with the list, but they don't. :(

Thanks for any insight -


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I have the same CD... also a major disappointment with no exploded diagrams. But the numbers do match up to the diagram in the instruction sheet that is originally included with the gun.
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