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Smith & Wesson 686 2 1/2 barrel 6 shot

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Well everyone, looks like i took one to the rear. Ive owned 4 S.W. hand guns in the past, but from what im hearing here i got screwed. I bought a new 686 with the lock 3 years ago, its a 2 1/2 barrel 6 shot. Ive heard alot of negative things about these guns on this site. Ive not even fired it yet in the 3 years ive owned it, now im thinking i made a bad mistake. Just wondering if anyone thinks i could trade it off for a toarus, or maybe some kind of used ruger ? any ideas, thanks all for any replies.
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Easy there. Don't believe all the hype. I have owned about six guns with the lock all different calibers and never had a malfunction yet. I don't think you got screwed it is just some collectors' opinions about the lock. And you would be really unhappy if you traded that 686 off for a lesser brand. What I would do is fire it and judge for yourself. Two of my carry guns have the lock and I'm not paranoid about it. If you decide you can not keep it trade for a prelock version, they are not that hard to find. Welcome to the forum and don't get discouraged by what some people think. James
You will find that a bunch on here would ***** if thier ice cream was cold. Nothing wrong with the gun, shoot it and have fun. If you drove a Chevy all your life, would you switch if someone told you that they were junk, that you must drive a ford ;) .
While I don't care for the lock personally, I would NEVER trade it for a Taurus. :oops:
Hey Ohio guy ,
Nobody here should say anything about anybody`s purchase . The gun you bought is fine in my book . Most collectors will have something to say about the locks but that should have nothing to do with your guns .
I have a couple of lock guns and they shoot great and do what they should do and thats shoot !!

This is just my opinion for what its worth .
When you have a chance , put up a few pics and it off !!
Welcome aboard !!
Ohio guy,
As has been pointed out, there are a lot of opinions about the lock. Keep in mind, this is really a S&W collectors forum. None of the older guns have the lock, and it hasn't been accepted by a lot of folks who have bought Smith's for decades before the lock came around.

There have been some reports of the lock giving problems, but the majority of lock-guns perform just fine.

If you're really worried about the lock, you can always disable it. But, I wouldn't trade it off for a lesser-brand gun. If you decide you don't want it, sell it and buy an earlier version of the same gun.
not sure whether this has been posted on the new forum, but here is an excellent video on disabling the lock if you desire:
I had a 4" 686 with the lock a few years back and a 6" with it last year. The guns are fine. I've shot many hundereds of rounds through those guns and never had a problem.

You should just go shoot it and see what it will do and how well it does.

('course all mine are sold off now... other folks wanted them more than I did)
Hey thanks everyone, i was getting a little worried that i bit the bullet on this one. Ive been on alot of sites latley, and it seems theres alot of peaple who think these guns with locks are crap. It was great to have some positive feed back for once. I really appreciate it, thanks again all.
Ohio guy,
You did fine, just take that baby to the range and send some lead down the tube. My686 is my best shootin' .357...It's not for sale!

Ohio Guy,
You should get rid of that gun. I will forward my address...
Ohio Guy
Don't trade for a Taurus! Shoot your 686 first, and base any future decisions on how well YOU like it and how it suits your needs. If you're happy with it, that's all that matters. If you buy an earlier version sometime without the lock, that's OK too. :D
Don't let other's opinions determine what you do!!! If it works for you, then enjoy it!!!! I've got a Walther P22 that I enjoy shooting alot. It has a lock (which I don't use), and a somewhat dubious reputation. Ya' know what???? I've never had a problem with it, as long as I keep it clean.
I wouldn't trade it for a brand new Ruger Std. Auto .22!!! :D Bob
The 686 is a real fine .357 Magnum. Take it to the range and see how it does for you.
I've got a M-66 2 1/2" that I consider to be the "ultimate carry gun". Lots of people will argue the point, but your 686 is the slightly more modern version, and stronger. too. Don't let the opinion of others put you off about the lock. If it works for all that matters. ;) Bob
Don't shoot your 686...send it to me! I'll give you a fair price for your gun and then you'll have plenty to buy a Taurus (yuck). Just kiddin'. You have purchased probably one of the best .357 guns on the market today. Alot of purists don't like the new guns because of...insert your dislike here. Smth still makes the best revolvers in the world, bar none. The 686 is a beefier gun than the 66. The 66 can't handle a steady diet of full power .357 loads, where the 686 is fine with them. Blast away all day with .357 magnus or .38 specials. These guns are alot of fun with .38 loads. There is minimal recoil and they are so accurate it's scary. Have fun and shoot alot.
I have a 6in. with the lock and must have put over 1500 rds of 38s and 300 rds of .357s through it without a single hiccup. Shoot it and have fun.
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