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I took the Smith 29-2 to the range this afternoon along with a bunch of my handloads. The target shows the results of two groups after sighting in. The top group is a .44 Special load (in a .44 special case) with 7.5 grains and a 250 grain SWC Lyman #429421 at 25 yards. That had a velocity of about 900-910 fps from the 4-inch barrel. The second group is 10.0 grains of Unique with the same #429421 in the .44 Magnum loading at the same distance, averaging about 1020-1050 fps. Once I dialed it in a bit more, the rest of the shots after this were a bit more than one hole. Recoil with those grips was not bad at all with the 10.0 Unique load.

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