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Slideshow of my new 28-2 4 inch.....

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It came with the original box and smooth S&W target grips in Goncalo Alves (I think). I purchased it from my favorite local dealer for $450 + Tx. mytwocents

I took it out for my first shooting experience with it on Sunday and it shot perfectly - didn't even need to adjust the sights and it shot out the black of the targets at 15 yds. hgapngpa

It's an N2290XX which is about 1974 vintage. The bluing is perfect and almost as shiny as my 27-2 (not quite the dull mat blue that my other two 28s have). lgnngp

Click the picture:

Ron weiweinp
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Very nice gun and presentation of slide show. ;) Bob
I don't know which impresses me more, the revolver or the slide show.

WOW! Sir, you really get serious when you inventory a purchase don't you! ;) Hey, keep it up, great pictures and it sounds like you've got a hot shooter to boot!

Great gun and great presentation. Cool idea.

Cool Beans! That was a very good idea and a great display! Also, a great looking Mod. 28. lllfaaaa
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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