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Managed to add this little gem to the collection this week. I am not such a purist with my Rugers that few two-pin guns don't occasionally ~ sneak through the living room and past my wife on their way to the safe... :mrgreen:


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The word 'cute' comes to mind (and I mean that in the best possible way!).
I always thought the .32 H&R magnum was an under-appreciated load...just had one of 'em, and I liked the .38 special trajectory properties with even less recoil and dirt.
That gun is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship, and it just goes to show that there are some darn fine newer guns out there!

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NFrame and I did a convoluted trade deal about a year ago. Actually, any time Chris and I do a deal, it's convoluted ~ come to think of it :) Somehow we both come of as winners!

Anyrate, I ended up with his .32 Single Six with the target sights. That led me to discover that in a Ruger, the .32 H&R is nothing to sneeze at. If you reload, you can develope some pretty hot loads. As a holster gun, while your out deer hunting ~ it's the perfect gun to pot some meat for the camp. Rabbit size game are planted where they stood. And the occasional varmint doesn't stand a chance.

I would actually put this one as the most underutilized cartridges of them all...

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