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Single-Shot Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Links

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Thanks xtm,

I am on the hunt for a Remington Hepburn and didn't know about the site...

Great resources....for us BP Cartridge nutz.. :)

I figure you'll read this, so I'll post it here. Tonight, I layed away an original 45/70 1884 Springfield that had been converted for competitive shooting many years ago. It is in excellent condition and has been set up for Creedmore style matches :D It is good to go as-is, but I'm thinking of having it fully restored...

I'm guessing that the S'field is in the rifle configuration and has a good bore? There are bound to be some around, but I've never seen one with a perfect bore that wasn't a very, very accurate shooter.

Years ago, I had one of the earliest model trapdoor carbines in .50-70. When I finally slugged it , figured out that it had a .512" bore, and managed to get a proper mould, it was amazingly accurate - but the combination of recoil and buttstock configuration would make you cry after 10 shots or so. The rifles and later models are much better. The .45-70 rifles were made to shoot the big 500gr bullet.

A couple years ago, in a gun shop in Scottsdale, there were two Sharps rifles for sale. They were comletly unfinished. Steel was in the white, and rough as a cob, the wood was rough sanded. fit was oversize. Every thing was 'too big'. Priced at $250.00 American if I recall. Both were in 45-70, one carbine, one rifle. Came home and looked them up, I notice they do offer the "you finish kit" in the "new" section
Thanks Azmick, I added that link and a couple of others folks reminded me of.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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