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Simple pleasures...

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... now if we could just find some 22 ammo...

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.22 is the only thing I can find here without a problem. I am craving an 18*whatever to shoot this bountiful ammo in! Nice collection!
Your post reminds me of what I'll be doing after December 2010. When I retire, I'll be shooting the livin' daylights out of my K-22s. Yep, simple pleasures.
My M-17-4 is just about all ever shoot anymore. It's just a matter of economics. It'll shoot just about anything, so.......I'm up for some 550 boxes of Federal from Walmart, this time around.

My wife, Donna, says that she wants to I gave her my Walther P22 with the short barrel. It's the perfect pistol for her....small and light. Trouble won't use the bulk ammo. I'll just have to buy some 100 pack solids, so it will function smoothily. ;) Bob
I shoot my model 17 and 41 pretty often. I have a few thousand rounds of federal bulk I have been buying by the box once a week for some time now until the ammo shortage ,now I cant find any either.
Very nice, those .22s are really neat, Frank
I notice the 'crappo' .22lr now sells as well as the better-quality stuff.
And yes, I believe the greedy manufacturers are getting rich(er) at our expense.
But hey...
This old M-17 from 1958 even makes ME look good at the range!
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I like shootin' .22s.
Why just last evening the 'better half' was visiting with the grand kids.
I'm home alone, decide to grill yours truly a T-bone and do a little shooting off the veranda...had a great time. ;)

Oh almost fer got the picture,

Sorry no pics of steak...

Su Amigo,
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Another Ammo Saver.
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K-22's are like crack, and I've got the Monkey on my back.... early, late and in between these guns are indeed the epitome of Simple Pleasure....
Not a K-frame, but Mrs. xtm says that this will be the last one they pry from her cold....

This older K-22 has the finest DA trigger I've ever pulled:

I've been hoarding quality .22LR ammo for many years. ;) Lately, I've been buying and shooting the crappy stuff - so the good stuff won't get used up at plinking sessions.

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invpn and great pixs lllfaaaa
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