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Sigma holsters

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I'm looking for the 'best' holster for my 40VE. I'm not particular on what style because I'd like to have a few options as to how I can carry it. One day I may wear a suit and tie and the next maybe a cocktail dress so I need to be versatile. :mrgreen:
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"Best" can be very subjective.

What might be best for me might not be best for you. ;)

Leather, kydex?
CCW, open carry?
Snap, open top?
How much you wanna spend?

I've found that there has never been one "best" holster for any handgun I've owned. I generally own 2-3 for each one, determined on what I'm going to be doing with it.

Give us some ideas of what you'll be doing with your Smith and it'll help narrow down the choices. :)
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Ace, for IWB, I used the Bare Assett from High Noon holsters. Nice low cost and very effective for that type of carry. Check them out. ... asset.html
That was kind of the idea LeMat. I do want a few different options depending on how I want to carry. I've never carried concealed before so opinions are all I have to go on.

Thanks for the ideas. That certainly gives me something to work with.
I would like to try the Uncle Mike's Internal Retention Kydex holster for my Sigma, but don't find Sigma on their sizing chart. Would it be the same as the S&W M&P?

it would be the same as glock 17. waitaminnit. the 9ve is the same sizing as the glock 17. Try the 17or 22 fitment.
Here's what my husband has for his Sigma 9VE.

It says "JIT SLIDE Don Hume NO. 40F" on it.
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I just had Mika make me up an IWB rig . . .
Ok, is it just me or isn't anyone else get concerned he's going from suit and tie to a cocktail dress? :shock: :lol: I would not recommend any holster made out of plastic if you're carrying concealed. Leather is so much more comfortable and ends up "molding" itself to the wearer. I know plastic is nice and cheap but it's so...blah. I think holsters are the most important accessory you'll ever buy for your gun and if you buy a good leather holster, you'll never regret it. There are alot of great holster makers out there and any of them can make a holster for your sigma. Good luck and post a pic of whatever you end up getting.
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