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I really like the sights on CZ rimfire bolt guns especially the ones on my Trainer, but the Scout has some more basic ones that I'd never used before. The rear sight only has windage adjustment and elevation is done on the front. I struggled sighting it in @ 25yds until I realized that the front sight base was a bit loose. Pretty nifty arrangement, once I figured it out. The weather was great today, and I had fun plinking plates and siluetas off-hand at 50yds. It doesn't get much better than this!


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These CZ rifles follow the tradition of the .22LR trainers patterned after the Mauser bolt action rifle, and manufactured widely in Germany for military training during WW-I and WW-2. They are exceptionally well made.

The USA even produced one at the Springfield Armory, the M1922M1 and M2 trainers.

I have one of those that had been sporterized after the war. Another tack driver.
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