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Show your Dog

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No I'm not speaking of our wives. (I know, I'll smoke a *urd in hell for that one.)
Don Henry, Queen Boudicca (Boo) sends her regards to Brodie.

Lookin for squirrels.

You got a problem with that? (Thats her Regal pose)

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So far all nice dogs posted. Here's Buddy sitting in the duck boat. He is more of a family dog than a hunter. I trained him to take to my wife more then me. When I'm not at home he is a great watch dog and very protective. He comes from a long line of hunting stock. He loves to hunt. I never had a lot of time to spend with him. He does real well and is a very good retriever. When he sees a long gun then he is my pal. He will follow me around the house. The other day I was cleaning up one of my trap guns. And he just lays at my feet and will follow me room to room. I'm going trap shooting this morning. I will bring him along he enjoys going to the gun club. He is funny if I put my shotguns in one of the gun racks. He knows which guns are mine. I tell him stay and will sit and guard that shotgun. If someone tries to pick it up or touch it. He will attack. Same with the cars or trucks. He loves riding in cars and trucks. One time on a duck hunting trip. My friends and I stopped in a bar for lunch. I left him in the cab of the truck. My friend knows the dog and the dog knows him. My friend went into the truck with out me. He opened the door of the truck and Buddy went nuts. He tried to tear him up. I told my friend do not go into the truck without me. He said I know your dog. He will not bite me. When it comes to cars and trucks all bets are off. He is really protective of them. He thinks the cars and trucks belong to him.

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1 - 1 of 78 Posts
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