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Show your Dog

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No I'm not speaking of our wives. (I know, I'll smoke a *urd in hell for that one.)
Don Henry, Queen Boudicca (Boo) sends her regards to Brodie.

Lookin for squirrels.

You got a problem with that? (Thats her Regal pose)

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Me and the pooches! Two of my all time best friends. :D

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Jamn 44 said:
Pretty dogs. They are definitely members of the family. Here is my dog Paco asleep with his pacifier.

Here is the whole pack on my leather couch.
Great looking lazy dogs. Reminds me of my golden retrievers. :D
rimfired said:
shooboy said:
:lol: Here's my dog Mojo........ Shoo
I've heard that some folks from Rochester get confused. They make great proprods and hammers there though!
That is the funniest looking dog I have ever seen! :shock: ;)
Those are some great looking friends and members of the family that everybody has posted pictures of. Thanks for sharing them with all of us.
1 - 4 of 78 Posts
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