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Show your Dog

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No I'm not speaking of our wives. (I know, I'll smoke a *urd in hell for that one.)
Don Henry, Queen Boudicca (Boo) sends her regards to Brodie.

Lookin for squirrels.

You got a problem with that? (Thats her Regal pose)

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Pretty dogs. They are definitely members of the family. Here is my dog Paco asleep with his pacifier.

Here is the whole pack on my leather couch.
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Annie, Cane Corso's are wonderful dogs. Is she a gray brindle? Kind of looks like it in the pic. They have an interesting history and are not very common here in the states. Great pics, thanks for sharing. James
Annie, my friend had one that was a black brindle. I know they originated in Italy as guard dogs and descendants of the Neopolitan mastiffs(same friend also had one). An interesting thing I saw was in a Roman sculpture there was a hunting scene and the dogs that were carved looked like large pitbulls. I think the Corso's have been around for a lot longer than people think. The Roman description for a guard dog fits them perfectly, must have a large head, dark in color, and suspicious of everything. There is a similar breed the Canary dog(perro de pressa gran Canario). A bit stockier and not as athletic as a Corso but originated almost they same way. James
Quarter Cherokee said:
Yeah, really. They also barked! Wild canids don't bark. They yip and howl, but they don't bark. How weird is that?
You are correct QC, dogs developed the bark to accomodate us humans. Dogs have super hearing and do not need to bark to communicate with each other, when they are close they use very soft sounds. The howl is for gathering pack members that may be far off. The bark is what they came up with to communicate with us weak eared humans. They are also expert body language readers. Ever have a dog that just never trusted that one person? The dog is usually right.
1 - 4 of 78 Posts
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