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I have a Sporterized '03 that was my late Father's. In 2001 we had the sniper in DC. The story was he was shooting people at 100 yards with a .223 rifle. I was talking to my Mom about it and she asked if anybody could hit a man at 100 yards. I laughed and said "he's probably got a scope and is shooting from a rest". I said "I could hit a man at 100 yards with iron sights offhand".
I decided to see. I dug his rifle out of the safe and took some 1956 headstamped military ball ammo to the range. I fired 5 rounds offhand at 100 yards just to get used to the trigger. Then I changed the target and fired five more for record. I had one called flyer about 8 inches down at 5 o'clock. The other four were clustered around the bull in a group I could cover with my fist.:eek:
I was impressed with that accuracy.:cool:
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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