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My oldest boy is home, on leave from the Air Force, and he brought home his Glock 23. We went to the range today and did a little shooting. We took with us his new Glock 23, my 40VE and my Model 686-4, (6 shot). I decided to compare my 40VE to his Glock. The Glock is a nice gun and feels good to handle but, I have to say that I really felt the recoil when I shot it. It literally was hurting my right wrist and finger when I was shooting. In addition, I had a hard time hitting the tombstones. (My boy does quite well with it, though. I guess that is all that matters.) I switch to my 40VE and I must say that it was much more comfortable to hold and shoot. Although the recoil was brisk, I did not experience wrist or finger pain as I did with the Glock 23. The tombstones rolled over a little easier too!

As usual the 686 was a dream to shoot with the .38 ammo.

Has any one else experienced this discomfort with the Glock 23 or any other 40 caliber pistols?
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