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Wondering into new territory tonight S.P., first time into the long gun forum. A couple of things - I can remember before AR's and Mini-14's became the rage, that some of the patrol units had M-1 Carbines in the trunk, the officers' personal weapon; I acquired one. . .Ballistics? A lot of folks lookd down their nose at what
appeared to be a weak round. The locals didn't read ballistics, stuffed the magazine with hollowpoints and harvested deer anyway with their carbines. . .Saw a special recently on TV, where they shot a 30-06 round into some ballistic clay and then did the same with the 30 caliber carbine. The carbine round won the battle of the ballistic clay; the 30-06 plowed right through while the carbine round used all of it's energy in the ballistic ball. . . .It is a handy long gun and a lotta fun to shoot. I put a paratrooper stock on mine and have no plans to sell it.
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