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Went to the favorite gun range with Grandkids and had excellent day shooting 22s. All 22s were Ruger but one a Mossberg 42m (b) which was the star of the shoot. They both loved it. I had sold a gun I had up there as my gunsmith friend does not charge me for selling as he thinks I bring in more customers keeping more on his shelf. Well got this SDS import made by Tisas in Turkey. Only had about 12 rounds but oldest Grandson and I had fun shooting those 12 rounds. First time he had shot a 1911 and having been a true replica he said could imagine what soldiers used in the war. Overall very good reproduction, and high quality. It does have the 70 series internals and both of us had more double holes than not. This with my eyesight not really seeing the sights but point and shoot. Very good day and since they are on Christmas Break so definitely will be more range trips.




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At what distance were you shooting?
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