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Just purchased a new S&W SD9 VE. This is my first handgun. Put a laser training cartridge and dry fired at 7 yards. The POI is consistently off the POA by about 1.75" left and 1.5" high. Reloaded the laser cartridge a few times, and the results stay about the same. As a newbie I'd like to get advice from the experienced:

1) Is this normal for a new gun, especially a SD9VE?
2) It looks like the rear sight is centered. The front sight, however, is slightly off the center by about 0.5 mm (will measure it more precisely with a caliber later).
3) Should I try to adjust the sights by myself? If so, then front sight or rear sight, and how?

I know I should shoot some real rounds to confirm the offset, which I plan to do in a few weeks. Any input is appreciated.

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Take a NRA Basic Pistol class and learn about sighting in a handgun.

Don't change anything on it until you've fired a few hundred rounds, and the pistol has "settled in". Start by just enjoying the pistol at the range, and learn about marksmanship in class - especially one that offers coaching. You contribute more to accuracy at this point than the gun itself.

These laser pointers are interesting, but really not ultimately very helpful. At least not in my experience.

The only way to accurately sight in a handgun is in a "Ransom Rest" and at the distance intended for that gun's sighting system. Without access to that, try a bench rest with sand bags. Support your hands, not the gun itself.

Fire groups of 3 to 5 rounds without changing anything, and as consistently as possible, and then take the average center.
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