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I got a new S&W SD9 about a month ago, and I now have shot about 250 rounds with it. For those who are unfamiliar with this gun, it is now discontinued, but it was positioned between the lower end Sigma's and the top of the line M&P series guns. It has now been replaced by the SD9 and SD40 VE series pistols, which appear to be more like the Sigma's were.

This gun first grabbed my attention because of the price (mine was $399), but upon further investigation, I found myself impressed by how much like a Glock it is. It's made to pretty much function just like a Glock, yet it is (to me, at least) nicer looking, and I like the feel of the grip a lot more than either a Gen 3 or Gen 4 Glock. It takes down exactly like a Glock, so it is easy to field strip and clean. Mine came with two very nice magazines. I'm told that Sigma mags will work in it, too.

I posted a couple of threads when I first got mine about questions and concerns I had. If you watch reviews on it on YouTube, they originally came with a plastic case, but mine came in a blue cardboard S&W box. Apparently, somewhere along the line S&W decided to cut costs. No biggie, I guess. I also had a question for S&W customer service concerning the front sight. The reviews online all list as a big positive that the front sight is a night sight. Mine does not show in the dark. I don't know if it's defective, or if mine simply did not come with one. Again, the sights do work fine, so not really a problem. Just curious.

Again, I now have 250 rounds through it. 200 of them are different brands of 115gr. fmj range ammo. I have not experienced even a hiccup with any of those rounds. I also shot up a box of 50 self defense rounds. Some frangible ammo from Dynamic Research. It hated that stuff. I'm going to break it in a bit more before I try another brand of hollow points.

Meanwhile, I've been very, very happy with this gun. It also comes in a .40 caliber, the SD40. If you see either one of these, and want something that's pretty much like a Glock, but over $150 cheaper, I recommend it. It shoots really well without breaking the bank.
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