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Scraper "TOOL" Cleaning 357 Chambers After 38Spls

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I made myself a scraper from a spent 357 Brass Case that I drilled the primer pocket out to accept a 8/32 screw & put a nut on the outside & cut the bolt down so I could attache it to a cleaning rod, I then expanded the case & sharpened the inside casemouth with a tapered reamer & now have a great tool for starting the carbon removal process in 357 chambers..
The 686 I was cleaning had saw several hundred rounds of 38spl without the ledge being cleaned & was caked on something fierce.. I spent over two hours on the cylinder soaking it with Hoppes #9 with a Q-Tip & useing my "Tool" then a piece of Bronze Wool/Chore Boy around an old 30cal brush chucked in my cordless drill on slow speed + Lots of Hoppes got it all but spotless, I then followed up with the Brownells Flex Hones to give the chambers a very uniformed crosshatch pattern..
I bet I used 50 patches total..
I was looking down each chamber with an eye loupe with a borelight & could see all the carbon that had built up like a stairstep..
Thought I'd share the Tool made from a spent case..
It realy worked well, Much better than a Bore brush for getting the main burnt on carbon out of the cylinders holes..
Here's a Crappy Pic of it I took while doing the cleaning
Now I gotta make one up in 38 Super for cleaning my 940 after shooting 9mms..
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Great job and a great idea, as well! kfjdrfirii
(I also use a hone on my .45acp target revolvers.)
Often we hear about folks using lots of .38 special loads in a magnum-chambered revolver with no 'issues'.
The issues take place when the user attempts to chamber the correct ammunition after lots and lots of short-case loads.
Proper cleaning, honing and chamfering are procedures long used by competitive shooters.
WhenI first opened up a case & sharpened the end I was pushing it in the cylinder & sometimes tapping it with my elf hammer the pokeing it back out with a pencil or dowel & just though up the idea to attache it to a cleaning rod..
Works wonders Too!!
One of my better Ideas!!
Great idea!

I'm going to make one too. I think I'll notch little saw teeth into the end of the .357 casing (to make it like a tiny hole saw) and attach a short little wooden handle so I can rotate the casing to facilitate cleaning.

Then, I'll port it, put skateboard tape on the wooden handle, refinish it with Gun Kote, pin and recess it, and attach a tactical light... :mrgreen:
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I just use a oversized .40 cal. brass brush to clean the chambers. :roll: Bob
The Oversized brass had no effect on this Cylinder, I tied that first, This just smooths the carbon over but barely removed any of it though.
Don't believe me how easily it is removed with the brass case, It's amazing..
Me too Bob, I use .40/10mm bore-brush soaked in Shooter's Choice lead-Remover, works fine!.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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