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I found this in a cooking section, don't tell my wife! :D

1Use a commercial metal cleanser to clean your nickel pieces. Wipe clean and buff to polish to a desired sheen. This is always the best option for cleaning and polishing your nickel.
Spray your nickel pieces with a household oven cleanser spray. Let this set on the piece for about 30 minutes and wipe clean. Buff to polish the piece.
Soak your nickel pieces that have become covered in dirt and tarnish in a solution of water and vinegar. Use 4 parts of water to 1 part of the vinegar. You may have to soak the pieces overnight to thoroughly clean them. Rinse the vinegar and water solution off, dry completely and buff with a clean dry cloth to polish.
Remove the grime and grease from nickel auto parts by using household ammonia mixed with water. A good mixture would be 25-percent ammonia and 75-percent water. Soak for 30 minutes and check if the grime is coming off. If not, add more ammonia and re-soak. You may need to brush gently with a soft cleansing brush. Rinse the nickel part and dry completely. Buff with a soft cloth to polish.

I wouldn't do step 4 as ammonia could affect the underneth plated layers (remove the copper then the nickel peels away)
They have a polish called Flitz or I think Mothers mag polish would do a nice job also.
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