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Hey fellas,

First off I'd like to say that I'm new to the forum and to firearms in general. My wife and I are currently getting into home defense, concealed carry and hunting. With that being said, I have been looking for an all around 22 lr rifle to train with and carry over into small game hunting. I would eventually like to get into AR15's and that is way the S&W AR 15-22's got my attention. I've been looking around online and noticed the 10208 model and was hoping to find it locally but due to the Boomer Doomer virus everyone and their grandmother has panic bought everything off the shelves. I did however find the only S&W M&P AR 15-22 left in Wichita, KS but it was the 12722 model (Red Dot/Green Dot). Regardless I jumped on it and brought it home - which brings me to my question.

Same difference, right? Or is there something beyond the surface that distinguishes the two models other than the sights. I'd still like to get the fold up sights, but is the Red/Green Dot just as good?

Thanks in advance,


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Hello and welcome to the forum.

Try it at the range for a while before looking to make changes. I personally don't like a lot of "stuff" hanging off an AR-15 rifle platform. The bulk just gets in the way, or attracts unwanted attention (like a laser or flashlight mounted on it that points a perp right back to you).

Many people prefer optical sights, but you should be able to equip your rifle with flip up sights easily.

I can't tell by the photos, but if your red-dot sight is mounted at the right height, it should "co-witness" with iron sights.

A large number of companies make flip up sights that would fit your rifle's A3 Picatinny rail profile:

For example: AR15 Iron Sights - Flip-Up and Fixed Front and Rear AR Sights with Top Brands as Trijicon, Troy, GG&G, Trinity and TruGlo — 325 products / 533 models

I personally have MagPul sights and like them. You'd move your red dot a few positions forward so that you can clear the rear fold down sight, then mount the front sight up front.

The ability to co-witness relates to how high above the rail the center of the optical sight sits. This article may be useful:

How To Properly Co-Witness Optic With Iron Sight [May 2019]

Separately, consider taking some of the NRA Rifle and Pistol classes if they are offered by a club locally. You'll learn quite a bit including safety and things many people don't initially consider...
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