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I live in Idaho and......

I have 5-20 round boxes of Remington Accelerators that I am trying to sell.
I also have 6-50 round boxes of .45 ACP as well.

I have a friend in California that has said he wants to buy them all.
He is absolutly over 21 years old and not a Felon or Psycho.
Simply put, he can legally buy ammo in his state.
I'm mostly concerned about selling the Accelerators.

Is it legal for me to sell this ammo to him(A california resident)?

Can I ship it to him (to California)?
I know what the UPS reg's are so that won't be a problem.

I can't find anything that says I can't, but I certainly don't want to end up in some California or federal prison for making a simple and honest mistake unknowingly.
So I need to know.

Is there somebody that can answer this question correctly?
I really need to know. If I can't sell it to him, I'll need to find another buyer.
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