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Hi - A friend of mine has a revolver that he inherited some time ago. He would like to sell it and has asked me if I could determine its value. He doesn't know anything about it, so I thought I'd come here for help. From pictures I've googled, the revolver looks to me to be a Safety Hammerless. I'm not sure of the caliber, as I do not find any markings regarding a caliber on the revolver. I have no ammo or accurate measuring devices, but I'm guessing it's a .32 since my tape measurement of the barrel diameter is around 5/16". The barrel length is 3 1/4". The revolver is a 5 shot top break, nickel plated, with what I believe to be mother of pearl grips. The serial number is 56456. On the top of the barrel are two lines of information: SMITH & WESSON SPRINGFIELD MASS USA PAT'D FEBY, and below that, 20 77 DEC 18 77 MAY 11 80 SEPT 11 83 OCT 2 83 TWO AUG 4 85. Thanks in advance, any information would be appreciated.


1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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