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S&W Mag Fan from Michigan

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Hi Folks,

I found my way to the new forum site. Looks good so far.

I'm a hunter and modest S&W collector from Michigan. I like the magnums. I have hunted much of the state from Lower Mich to Northern Mich to Upper peninsula for Whitetail and Small Game.

I think this forum is a great place for a lot of information, fine pictures and great stories.

See ya all in the forums.

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Hi WGlide90,
Glad you made it here.
I don't know how I missed this, but here's a belated 'Welcome to the forum'!
Hi and welcome, Ohio here. hope you like the site. yeh we got alot of snow too down here.
Hi Mongo,

I'm across town from you, in Belleville. I worked out in Warren for a while a couple of years ago and get to the Dream Cruise out your way several times. Other than that I don't get out to RO too often.
Hi, Dave, and a big welcome to the forum.
Hope you enjoy the site!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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